Harmonium Tutor by S D Batish and Ashwin Batish (DVD)

Harmonium Tutor by S D Batish and Ashwin Batish (DVD)
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The Harmonium has become a very popular and a proficient tool for the singer in today's music. Many light classical singers have adopted this instrument for accompaniment. It is also becoming an instrument of solo performance. Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish is a master of all these styles. He and Ashwin demonstrate the basics with many examples that will get the student initiated into the proper technique.

This video tutor contains

  1. Raga Bheempalasi alaap
  2. Harmonium design and care
  3. Sitting position / Left and Right hand positions
  4. North Indian Sargam explained
  5. Notes of Bilaval Thaat
  6. The 12 notes of the octave and their Sargam
  7. Bilaval Thaat fingering from various keys
  8. Basic exercises
  9. A Solo Harmonium performance
  10. Performance using the Harmonium as accompaniment for singing

(Program duration 55 minutes)

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