Jazz Is Where Is - MP3 256K Download

Jazz Is Where Is - MP3 256K Download
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Jazz Is Where Is

A brand new song by Ashwin Batish. Extended Single (Time: 8m 04sec)

Santa Cruz, California, USA, March 26, 2016:  

Jazz Is Where Is, plays on the improvisation tradition of North Indian classical music and of Western Jazz and funk. Based on the raga Jhinjoti, it is a thrilling musical exploration of an unhinged melodic pathway by the maestro and his Sitar Power Trio. Joining Ashwin is his son Keshav Batish on Drum Set and Myron Dove on the Bass.

Jazz Is Where Is features a compositional and performance idea Ashwin was first introduced to by his father and guru, the legendary Bollywood music composer, Pundit Shiv Dayal Batish.  Short bursts of spontaneously improvised passages are accompanied by melodic breaks giving rise to musical expressions that keep evolving until a melodic crescendo is reached. Each melodic break resembles a verse and the ensuing rhythmic exploration kicks each expression into high gear for the next phrase all the while expanding into new ideas at each break and simultaneously spawning new and unique approaches to the improvisations. The drums and bass follow Ashwin’s exploration effortlessly with counter patterns making for a tantalizing listen from start to finish.

In the finale of the piece, a melodic refrain brings together all the elements for an ending crescendo that gives resolution to the entire listening experience.

Jazz Is Where Is is now available on CD and as a digital download via Batish Records and CD Baby. It is also slated for digital downloads on iTunes, Amazon and all other download sites across the world.

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