Sitar Tutor 3 - Beginning Sitar Exercises by Ashwin Batish (DVD3

Sitar Tutor 3 - Beginning Sitar Exercises by Ashwin Batish (DVD3
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Changing Your Sitar Strings

by Shri Ashwin Batish

Sitar care and maintenance part one

It sounds simple enough until you go about doing it. Changing the strings on your sitar can be quite daunting especially to newbies. An instrument repair shop can charge you a lot for this. It can take a seasoned pro more than two hours for this job. It is good for a sitar student to know how to do this themselves. What if you are performing and you break a string you have to become an expert to take care of such emergencies!

This video covers the intricate task of replacing all the strings on a sitar. Detailed step-by-step instructions makes this experience easy and safe. Tips given include how to make proper string loops, clean the frets, polish the sitar, and how to protect yourself from injury.

Program duration 62 minutes
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Sitar Tutor 3 - How to Change Your Sitar Strings by Ashwin Batish

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