Sitar Tutor 4 - Tweaking Your Sitar by Ashwin Batish

Sitar Tutor 4 - Tweaking Your Sitar by Ashwin Batish
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Sitars coming out of India are invariably in need of tweaking. This is unfortunate as most of the new sitar students (and a few old ones) have no idea of the mechanics of a sitar and hence cannot set it to play in good intonation and with the proper action. THis not only makes your learning experience disappointing but is also a major barrier to a student's musical growth. This tutor covers many of the adjustments necessary to whip your sitar into performance shape.

Topics Covered

  • Bridge adjustment using harmonics
  • Main string adjustment
  • Tuning beads adjustment
  • Tuning the frets for proper intonation
  • Adjustments to maximize the sitar's meend
  • Shimming the bridge

Program duration 62 minutes

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