Tanpura Tutor by Ashwin Batish (DVD)

Tanpura Tutor by Ashwin Batish (DVD)
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Tanpura Tutor Video
(sp. tamboora, tambura)

by Ashwin Batish

Many explain this instrument to be a drone in the classical ensemble. This is true but let me explain all its capabilities and its use in the ensemble. Whereas the drone seems like an obvious function of the tanpura, there are many other, more subtle, uses that the tanpura is put to in every performance. A student of this instrument should try to familiarise themselves with all these areas as it will make them a better participant in a musical performance.

This video deals with

  1. Sa/Pa and Sa/Ma tunings
  2. Male Tanpura tuning
  3. Female Tanpura tuning
  4. Tanpura playing positions
  5. Proper hand position
  6. Instrumental Tanpuras
  7. Some alternate tunings
  8. String replacement explained
  9. Care and maintenance

(Program duration 70 minutes)
Catalog#: BRV11DVD Price $49.95 +S&H

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