Vichitra Veena Tutor 1 by S. D. Batish and Ashwin Batish

Vichitra Veena Tutor 1 by S. D. Batish and Ashwin Batish
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Vichitra Veena Video Tutor 1 
(other sp. vichiter veena, vichitra vina, vina)

by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish
Ashwin Batish

The Vichitra Veena Tutor #1 ready for shipment. We are very proud of its content. It is a first of its kind with a very thorough coverage of the basics. The tutor is authored by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish and his son Shri Ashwin Batish.

The goal of this tutor is to give the Vichitra Veena a new lease on life. It is pathetic that it's practitioners can today be counted on the fingers of your hands. Although students are gradually picking this instrument up for study, many get discouraged due to lack of direction resulting in this instrument ending up in a closet or in a glass case to be visually admired. We aim to change this and this tutor is the first step! Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish has been actively playing this instrument for over 60 years. As a vocalist he has a special insight into its workings. He shares this with you in this, and upcoming tutors.

Here are some of the highlights .....

  • 1. A Short History
  • 2. Recommended String Gauges
  • 3. Sitting Positions explained
  • 4. Mizrab (finger pick)
  • 5. Proper Slide Hold
  • 6. Right Hand Positions
  • 7. Tuning of the open strings
  • 8. Note Locations explained
  • 9. Basic Vichitra Veena Designs
  • 10. Alternative Sliders explored
  • 11. Right Hand Exercises using Da, Ra, DiRa, DR
  • 12. Bilaval Raga scale
  • 13. Simple Sargam Exercises
  • 14. Short Performance in Raga Tilang

Program duration 78 minutes
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